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Business Strategies

IHG has adopted the following strategies to support the achievement of its corporate vision, mission, and objectives

Continue to improve each of the subsidiaries’ operations through the streamlining of costs, raising the efficiency of operations, while complying with the highest standards for quality and safety.

Decentralize the management of the subsidiaries while each subsidiary retains its own management team, while the Board remains responsible for the overall performance of the group. The Board will carefully monitor the implementation of plans, strategies, and results of the subsidiaries through discussions and reviews with the management of each of the subsidiaries.

Bolster the group’s relationship with existing clients by addressing their demands and maintaining the highest standards.

Establish and leverage strategic partnerships and joint ventures with industry leaders in order to successfully obtain new projects, thereby strengthening the group’s brand and reputation.

Sustain revenue growth and profitability through project selection by focusing on markets where the group can capitalize on its expertise and track record, by targeting specialized projects that have high profit margins.

Adopt a conservative financial profile in order to ensure a sustainable and prudent capital structure as well as indebtedness percentages that are in-line with industry standards.

IHG will also secure a solid financial position to ensure self-sufficiency for existing capital needs and maintain healthy levels of liquidity.

Invest in new and complementary business endeavors inside of Qatar and eventually within the region, underpinned with the ultimate goal of enhancing the value of the group for its shareholders. Foster a working environment that promotes professional growth through provision of training and development to employees in order to attract, develop and retain the best available personnel for positions of substantial responsibility.