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Corporate Governance

Following admission, the company intends to comply with all corporate governance requirements as stipulated in the QFMA’s Corporate Governance Code for shareholding companies listed in the main market (the QFMA Code) or in periodic corporate governance statements issued by the company. The QFMA Code is a "comply-or-explain" regime, pursuant to a company to which the QFMA Code applies is permitted to deviate from the requirements of the QFMA Code provided and to the extent it discloses the fact of, and its reasoning for, such non-compliance.

The company has implemented a corporate governance, risk management and financial reporting framework focused on delivering an accurate, detailed and timely view of the business across all regions in which it operates and business divisions. The framework comprises a robust structure of governance policies and controls with:

Board Committees

In order to ascertain that the principles of corporate governance are followed by the management in the course of its operations, Investment Holding Group has formed several Board Committees. Board Committees are established with clear missions, authorities, and responsibilities for each Committee. The Committees’ respective authorities are generally of a consultative nature, with all recommendations requiring Board approval submitted through the Chairman for review, decision, and ratification. The company shall have several functional Committees including, inter alia: the Executive Committee, Risk Committee, Audit Committee, and the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. However, the Board of Directors will be fully responsible for all decisions governing the Ccompany’s overall operations, including all suggestions submitted and recommended by the various Committees. The following are more detailed explanation of these committees.

Management and Board Review

Investment Holding Group generally engages senior corporate leadership and divisional leadership in order to accurately assess business trends and operational performance on a timely basis as well as to enhance visibility with regard to future financial performance.


Corporate Governance 2018 Report (Arabic)

Corporate Governance 2018 Report (English)


Corporate Governance Charter
ميثاق حوكمة المجلس ١٢ نوفمبر ٢٠١٧

IHG Governance Report 2017
تقرير الحوكمة ٢٠١٧